MEGAN-AnnoTree Download Page

This is the download site for files required to use DIAMOND+MEGAN together with the AnnoTree protein reference database.

This approach is described in: Gautam, Felderhoff, Bagci and Huson, Using AnnoTree to get more assignments, faster, for DIAMOND+MEGAN microbiome analysis, mSystems Vol. 7 No.1, 22. February 2022. link.

AnnoTree protein reference sequences:

Create a DIAMOND index for the following file:


MEGAN mapping DB:

The following file maps AnnoTree accessions to taxonomic and functional classes (NCBI, GTDB, EC, eggNOG, InterPro2GO, SEED), unzip before use:

Scripts to create release:

Description of how to create a new release of the above files: AnnoTree_Update_Manual.pdf